Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Prayer Requests: Take One, Leave One

Vintage is praying today. I am feeling anxious and small. So I am praying a lot. I am thinking of many of you already. But if you'd like, post what you need prayer for, and take a moment to pray for something someone has posted.

Here's mine: The move is coming up fast and there is much that needs to be done. I am feeling it this morning.

What can I pray for you today?


CK Lunchbox said...

A job or an answer. Life is too much in limbo right now. Love you.

betty crocker said...

Ron hasn't so much as heard back from any of the (literally) hundreds of applications he has sent out. The cash is dissappearing fast and I'm starting to panic.
I'll be praying for both you and Pook, trust me you are never off the radar.

Anonymous said...

my house is being foreclosed and my mom is very sick and I want to die.

ness said...

oh my friend...I know you want the pain to stop. I want it to stop for you too.

jess said...

Stopped by to leave a comment, but I think I'll just pray for anonymous instead. Anonymous, may God's presence and His people come quickly to your aid.

Life with Kaishon said...

My prayer request seems so small in comparison to the job losses and house forclosures so I am going to just pray for CK and Betty and you Vanessa! Praying big prayers to our BIG God!

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