Friday, August 21, 2009

This Week's Mosaics

I have been percolating these pieces for what feels like months. The combination of velvet serenity and a drop in the temperature made these bud out. They are not completely finished, but I'm really in love with these pieces. They feel like a really true picture of who I am.

I was listening to this weeks Rob Bell sermon (actually twice) while working on these. That, after I got so mad one night, I smashed two of the brown plates into tiny pieces. Everyone jokes about my taking my frustrations out that way, but usually, I am very meticulous about how I break my dishes. I literally got so mad, I took them and threw them down on the floor and just felt the wonder of all the tiny pieces just flying everywhere. It was naughty, and yet such a relief. Then after I got it laid out, one of the kids or dogs bumped it and I had to lay it out all over again. Frustration can sometimes yield great inspiration, though. I certainly would not have made it this way if I had broken the plates the usual way.

Sadly, I don't know when/if these will be available online as I really need to stockpile some work for the October craft show!


12-arrows said...

amazingly beautiful......I LOVE the table! You are a master craftsman and very gifted. Are you saving these for the sale in the fall?

Jess said...

The Grace and Peace serving platters are lovely Ness.

Jasmine said...

OOOOOHHHH! October craft show! Fun!

Kara Witham said...

In the top picture, it looks like it could be a fountain. I like these.

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. So amazing. Your creativity (and introspection) always astounds me.

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