Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyone keeps asking....

what I am going to do when all three of my children go to school on Wednesday morning.

Well, here's a picture of my studio if that gives you any guesses...

I wonder if other artists typically have 45 other projects lined up that they want to make? I have so many ideas in my head, I sometimes get absolutely overwhelmed. So I started to bulk process them by setting out the thing I want to mosaic, cutting up the china I want to use on it, and then stacking the projects on an open shelf so I can just pick something up and go. When I am tempted to get overwhelmed, I just say to myself, "You are going to mosaic it sometime, why not work on one piece now. Just pick any of them." And then I do.

People ask me, too, if I have started packing for the move. The answer is "Nope." As Robb and I have strategized, it makes no sense to start packing until I get as much of my mosaics done and out the door as possible to make room for boxes to pile up.

But I will say this, I measured windows at the new house and started to pick out paint chips. The sheer expanse of it may have freaked me out a little bit. I mean, you know me...I LOVES to paint me up a little sumpin', but there's just so MUCH.

And one more thing. I need to exercise. Having Charleigh with me before, it wasn't really handy, but I'll have time now to walk, which I am really excited about.

So yes, don't worry about me filling up my vast, empty days. I'll manage to find something to do.

As to how I'll FEEL about having all the kids in school? I told Robb that I resere the right to bawl my eyes out or do a happy dance. He fully expects both.


betty crocker said...

I know you love your kids so it's not like you want to "get rid of them" so much as you just need that "move to grove" Dora started today and I tried pretty hard to not bawl my eyes out....Addie kicked me a few times just to remind me that it's gonna be alright :)

Keri said...

Brendan starts all day kindergarten tomorrow. (PA only had 1/2 days) I haven't been down to one kid who naps 2x's a day for a long time- I am excited, but on the other hand, Brendan has always just wanted to be where I am. If I am in the basement folding laundry, he brings his action figures down and plays 3 feet away. I am going to miss his constant presence. Insert tears here.

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