Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Man Down

uh oh. Hubby went to bed around 8 with a bad headache that he had been fighting off all day. He woke up with Mattie's stomach ache. He has big plans of getting up in an hour and trying to go to work, but I'm willing to place some friendly wagers that he ain't goin' nowhere.

I have a little twinge in my stomach too, but I think it's because I ate a Weight Watchers bagel for breakfast.....BLECH!

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klasieprof said...

Umm I have to say the "ad men" utubes always crack me up...have NOTHING to do with the tv show..but like..for ex..this one..."Mr Office Party Overhugger"...don't snort your could be.."Mr Divorced Single Deacon man overhugger"...

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