Friday, August 01, 2008

Wallpaper on Boring Particle Board Cupboards

So, okay, Cara, I didn't cut off all my hair....just the back of the neck part that had me sporting a mullet. Pics to come when I get a chance to shower....right after I blog, right after I clean, right after right after.

So anywhoo, this was my wallpaper project that took up most of yesterday. We bought these two particle board cupboards from Target SEVERAL years ago to go in my office back in MI. Because they are so big and hold so much, one is our TV cupboard (I hate having the TV exposed) and the other is the official Vintage Fellowship Church office....and by that I mean that whenever I pick up Robb's forty slips of paper, comment cards, business cards and anything remotely related to VF, I stuff it in there.

But of course, they are that boring blond faux wood, which wants to be cool, but falls desperately short of it, unless you have an entire wall devoted to a matching storage system and you also have bamboo floors and floor to ceiling windows with wide wood trim....and even then...

So I had a brain child, went to the thrift store, got a roll of vinyl/fabric wallpaper in a gray herringbone pattern for 2 dollars, made my own wallpaper paste, and trimmed it out with indoor/outdoor acrylic black patio paint. For inside the doors, even when my children are ogling the tv, maybe they will accidentally absorb some geography (albeit 75 year old geography) from a mangled textbook I rescued. I wanted them to feel like old suitcases and I think I achieved that look. It also gave me a chance to experiment some more with paper layering and gluing that I want to attempt on some upcoming projects. I estimate this project cost me about 4 dollars total.

And now....I'm off....hopefully I'll accomplish something.


Sara said...

How cool! I love the idea of making the storage space like old suitcases. Brilliant!

carahinojosa said...


Love the cupboards.........we are in Florida this week for a softball tournament, but my son (who is 18 and WAY too cool to travel with us) stayed home. He said my mugs that I bought from your etsy store came yesterday. I can't wait to get home and drink good, strong coffee from them...not this watered down hotel stuff!

akr said...

your so crafty!

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