Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I got issues

My computer is a hand me down, twice over. But it was free and I love the convenience of moving it around to wherever I am working. It has a few quirks, of course....the cd player doesn't work. The battery has long since died, so I'm always plugged in. But lately, the weirdest quirk has gotten considerably worse....at first it was just sensitive, but now the keyboard is getting completely nuts. You may notice that ssoomeetimes a letteer willl repeeat, and I don't always go to thee trouble of editing it out...but the slightest touch will result in multiple letters. Thee new thing is that the space bar doesn't work unless youu pound on it. You should hear me banging away on this post. It's like a tap dance....light touch on the letters, pound the space bar....

Can you replace keyboards on old Dell laptops? or should I just keep dancing?

1 comment:

Mini Me's Room said...

wow tough luck... I say just get a new one... It will make you happier :)

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