Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Whole Fam


I pushed back from my heaping plate of Texas BBQ to take this photo of my whole family. For those of you who are even attempting to keep track, I have an older brother, Ron, now married to Ashley. I have a younger sister, Courtney, married to Ron. I have a youngest sister, Ashley, married to John. My dad is Ron and my mom is Bonnie. And I of course, am married to Robb. Clear as mudd, right? And oh, yeah, that's my cousin Jeremy in the right corner, with his woman, Lucy. I am still alittle fuzzy on how he managed to get a girl like that since I mostly remember him as the kid wearing the "Bat Boy" outfit, who didn't like to fingerpaint in kindergarten because it was too yucky. Now that I've embarrassed him, who knows what memory he'll unearth about me, his older cousin with giant teeth and never-cut hair down to her butt. But I digress. I miss you guys already.
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snowiggy said...

Hey, welcome back to blogger-land!

I tagged you in a game of blog-tag. Go check out my site to find the instructions and play along. :)

tammi said...

"snowiggy" is actually my husband's account so apparently he's been skipping around the internet, posting on blogs without my knowledge.
**I** am the one who tagged you in blog-tag, so disregard that it says my husband's name on it.

ness said...

thanks for the clarification...i would have been weirded out all day!

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