Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Come and sit

in the backyard, where we spent all afternoon on Sunday, planting some new bushes and enjoying the new firepit.


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H said...

It looks wonderful. I can't wait to have a glass of wine and some great conversation out there!

Kate P said...

Girl, you need to get that beautiful chandelier out of the rain and list it on Etsy so someone can pay some big bucks for it- or at least heart it..:)I will be in Springdale thrifting tomorrow...any possibility of loading some broken dishes and a frame off on you? I will also be going to Fayetteville the next week and could swing through.

Anonymous said...

Oh and ,once again, you have inspired me to go out to the shadeless back yard and create a beautiful room as you have done...it looks lovely.

Kate P said...

Um, a nonny mouse is me- Kate P

ness said...

Kate! That sounds great...since apparently B'ville is an unreachable land for me : )

klasieprof said...

SWEET!! My real friends up here have one of the portable fire pits an use it ALL the time. I think I"m going to get one as doing a "BIG FIRE" in our pit just DOESN"T happen.
as always girl...You freakin rock. Your mothering, blogging artistic ness, creativity blow my mind.
at a school computer so can't sign in for some reason
Donna always wannas.

akr said...

I would love to come and sit...just a little far right now though!

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