Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Monday....

Here's a couple tidbits of info just so you don't go away from Happiness all disgusted an annoyed that there is nothing new...

I have completely lost my voice. Got a cold and it settled in my voice, so if you call me, some scratchy voiced person will answer...just go with it. Thank goodness I can still type.

This is our last week of summer. I would like to be all sentimental, but honestly, I'm looking forward to the schedule and routine the school year brings. This has been a great summer, but it's time to get back to work!

Vin got invited to attend the Demolition Derby with his friend William who lives next door (yes, the William that presses his nose against my front door window, peering into my house when he is lonely, the one that I mentally call 'Skippy' and the one that inexplicable has almost a British accent...but I digress). Anyway, his mom and I talked about it the day before and I thought it would be really fun for him. I had to talk the girls off the ledge, as both were crying at the thought that Brother got to do something they didn't get to do. It was a little more surprising when I had to talk Vin off the ledge just before they left as he started to cry and ask if Sissy could go with him, split his ticket with him, if I could go, etc. etc. I guess he realized that he was about to enter the unknown territory of doing something away from his family. I gave him my number to put in his pocket and our friends next door assured him (and me) that he did NOT want to miss the funnel cake. As soon as they got there (a mile from us) He was absolutely enthralled.

I am still getting comments on the marriage/family/ministry posts and will be spinning them off into a couple of more specific posts soon. I realized after getting some posts from new people that I never really identify myself as a pastor's wife on this blog. I guess I just never lead with that...what does that say, I wonder????

ok...time to earn some money to pay for all those school supplies and backpacks.


klasieprof said...

Um...Oh. Oops. I sort a put a link to that from Pioneer Woman.
My bad.
I Um..
Think I said the PWife thing there.

I actually linked it to the Fly squish photo.


courtney said...

it's alittle early to be drinking Donna

ness said...

couldn't have linked up to something a little more inspiring? I only lurk that blog you know...I'm not cool enough to comment there...


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