Friday, August 17, 2007

Kid Stuff

So we had our annual hot-dog social at the kid's school last night, where we met their teachers and saw their classrooms. We don't get any "say" about which teachers they get, but I know my mother in law prays about this on a regular basis. We're feeling really great about them both. On the way home, Mattie and Vin were squirming with excitement declaring how they wished that school could start today. Vin spent several hours this morning practicing reading and doing math. He's going into 1st grade. Mattie is glad her teacher is pretty.

Charleigh has occasionally piped up to tell us things about their trip with the grandparents several weeks ago. She's big on telling us about the "roller poster."

On Sunday, when my cold had first settled in my throat, Charleigh was curious about my voice being gone. We were sitting at lunch and she asked, "You got a cold, Mama?"

"Yes, Charleigh. I've got a cold."
"Where, what, you got a cold?" she puzzles.
"I don't know, Charleigh."
"Mama. Mama. Do this....(clearsthroat)."

This morning, at breakfast, Vin declared, "Mom, you are my favorite Lady."
after a few minutes of thinking, he followed up with, "Do you know who my second favorite lady is? remember Mary from Michigan? She's my second favorite lady."

Mattie let this thought sit for a moment and then said, "Don't you mean that she is your fourth favorite after Nana and Mars?"

"No." Calvin replied flatly.

Mattie quickly absolved him of his sin by reasoning, "Oh, I know...Nana and Mars are your favorite OLD Ladies."


A said...


klasieprof said...

My kids just saw Vin's 2nd Favorite lady in Greenville-we went over for the Danish festival with Our friend Beth.
Mary's Daughter had a booth doing Wacko face drawings, they saw her twice..I never did catch up with her.

I did triple park to go say hi to Jenny tho.

Mini Me's Room said...

that was fun!!!

Heidi said...

The Danish fest is this weekend?! I wasn't paying any attention. Change of plans for today kids = )

Sara said...

i miss those kids...

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