Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ugh...double ugh.

If you've been wondering where the stink I've been, checking in faithfully for an update on funny things Vin is saying or my complex rambling about the state of the universe, sorry. This is my busy season on ebay. For the next two months, just about anything I list will sell...people are cooped up at home with tax money burning a hole in their pockets, I guess.

Trouble is, it gets way of hand...Robb gets stuck with housework, and I get so many orders, I am fated to screw up something. Today, I found out I had two boxes get smashed in the mail. Much as I would love to blame the post office, the truth is that I am running low on bubble wrap and played fast and loose with a cookie jar...and lost. With ample bubble wrap, I can usually always outwit, outplay and outlast any postal employee looking to take out their frustrations on generic boxes passing in front of them.

Time to regroup.

On a different note, Robb will be on the radio again tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 (eastern time) with the same host he talked with before in Detroit. He'll be on for the whole hour talking about the emergent church. Here's the link to the Paul Edward's show.


courtney said...

at least you didn't pay $25 for a green tuile cake plate and the post office lost it between them and your house....there's something funny about the idea of you "playing fast and loose with the bubble wrap" hey, I'm cooped up in the house too.

klasieprof said...

ROCK ON ROBB ROCK ON!!! Oh yah..and his lil wiffy too....

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