Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Our last day in Nashville, we drove south to the current home of the Grand Ol Opry, which is the longest running live radio show in America (or the world). Again, a tour would have been wasted on us, but we did go to the free museum where I snapped pictures of Patsy Cline's den and read every tidbit on Minnie Pearl and still didn't find out where the price-tag shtick came from.

Quick Poll: how many of you watched Hee Haw when you were a kid?

Across the street was a gigantic mall where we had lunch at the Acquarium restaurant. The stunning array of fish led to a memorable conversation. While the kids oohed and ahhhed, we adults debated the nuances of creationism and then moved on to a discussion over Robb's long cherished desire to get an earring. While not everyone at the table was in favor of it, my brother in law was in a paying mood since my neice was getting hers done and my sister in law wanted a little hoop for her upper ear. So after an amazing lunch, the three of them lined up later at the teeny-bopper jewelry store for their pokes. Nate said he thought it was very "macho" of Robb.

On the way back to the hotel, it began to occur to the girls that we had to leave in the morning and they began to cry. They would look at each other, hold hands, and then cry some more. We decided to let them boo-hoo it out, and later they had another swim and were fine at goodbye time.

It was the best trip we've been on in ages...wait..the only trip we've been on in ages! Anyway, it's back to life now, complete with ebay screw-ups to fix, furniture to rearrange, laundry and the like, but great memories were made to warm our hearts. I still have my biographies to finish, and I'm excited about the upcoming busy season on ebay (the next three months are my best each year). There's nothing like a little trip to "sharpen the saw."


Anonymous said...

Hee Haw: check.
Loved the joke part where they took turns popping up from the corn field backdrop and telling a joke.
Good stuff.

akr said...

Hee Haw was a staple in the warner household...though dad was the one i remember who liked it...mom doesn't seem much like a fan.

Looks like you have had so much fun! I'm so glad you got to get away!

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