Saturday, December 23, 2006

All I Want for Christmas... for my family to be healthy.

Vin woke us up this morning with a high temp. We took him to the clinic where I expected them to find an ear infection, but they are clear and he doesn't have strep. They gave us a giant bottle of antibiotic just in case, but after a double dose and tylenol, he is still running a temp and feeling lousy. The girls both have coughs and Robb is getting it too. I feel better, but I'm not 100 percent. He's already trying to resign himself to missing his solo at church tomorrow morning. Just pray he feels better.


klasieprof said...

ok. did it.

tammi said...

bummer :(

I think that it's a law of nature that your family must be sick for at least one christmas. been there, done that.

hope everyone's feeling better soon. :(

ness said...

Well, he woke up this morning with no fever and he did his song. Got it on video and will post soon : )

Bring on the Vick's vapo rub.

I remember the Christmases when we had the stomach flu. I'll take a nasty cold over hurling any day! over the morning sickness yet?

Thanks William back yet?

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