Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cliffhanger weekend....

This may reveal a certain emptiness in my sphere, but I have certain blogs that I read with great frequency, and I know that some of you read mine with just as much frequency. Many of you don't update on the weekends, and I gotta say, I'm left wondering what will happen next in the ongoing sagas of your lives...

Did Darla and Michael get a contract on the house?
IS *** pregnant?
Did a certain two year old achieve potty mastery?
Did A & J survive the night with their new puppy?
Is Eleanore Rigby doing well?
When DOES Courtney sleep?
Did Kingsjoy and Kingjoy's Bride get a new house?
Will Sara pass the drug test and land the job as Chief Cook and Bunny Killer?
How did the reveal go "while SHE was out?"
Forget Mid-Eastern peace, is there peace in Goshen, IN?

Yeah don't leave me hanging with just that Grenzian Guy...all football and politics...blah blah blah : )


Courtney said...

let me help you...6-10pm. yeah, I don't want to hear it.

A said...

Yep, Sadie did wonderfully. She didn't make a peep from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. I did have some cleaning up to do in the crate this morning before church, but I think that was actually from when we went out to dinner on date night yesterday evening. Poor thing, she was stuck with it all night.
She really is a good puppy.

klasieprof said...

I want to know HOW and WHAT, and for how long did Sara have to study for her drug test?...You know to pass it. Did she have to pull an all nighter just to pass it??

ash said...

miss rigby ("the wee one") is fabulous! so sweet, cudly, and ready to take on murphy fitzgerald after a nap. some small housetraining issues, but nothing that i'm freaking out about. 2 doggies for 2 people is working out quite well!
a, what kinda dog is sadie?
looks like both sets of a&j's are doing just fine without human children : )

A said...

Amen to the "no human children" for now. Sadie is a beagle, full blooded even. So far she's getting along well with Duke, our 6 year old mostly beagle partly pug Queen of the castle.

Heidi said...

I wonder if house training a dog is easier than potty training a little boy?

We have made a little progress. JD actually peed while on the toilet. Too bad it did't actually go IN the toilet.

Darla said...

sorry to leave you hanging... no exciting news... no contract... i'm thinking of throwing MYSELF off a cliff! :-)

hope you had a good weekend.

mukeyjoy said...

HEY!!! We got into our house. D is working his butt off. Been painting etc... and got DSL today!

Enough about us - how are you? Your house sell? How's the church? Tell me!!

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