Sunday, June 04, 2006

In America

We finally got around to watching this amazing flick which I had previously noticed on many of my fellow-blogger's fav lists. We were so moved by this story, it was hard to turn it off as the credits rolled for the sweet taste in our hearts. It included three things that simply couldn't fail to charm a movie: Little girls with Irish brogues, the use of The Byrds' To Everything in the soundtrack and most importantly, a story...a love story of the deepest and most profound sort...between husband and wife, parents and children, neighbors and friends. It was a real artists' rendition of the complexity of being human and what love can accomplish when all else fails.

Here's a link to the trailer.


bina said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how much you accomplished. Amazing. :-)
Oh, and In America---just one of the best pieces of art ever created. So glad you experienced it.

ness said...

I'm telling ya, it is the darndest thing...everything seem to just walk in and go to it's place. I hardly spent any time on it at all. Closets...whatyaknow?

Matt Book said...

I saw earlier this morning or late last night that In America is on the Independent Film Channel tonight. I was considering recording it and watching it again. After reading this post, I probably will.

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