Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sid at Work

We went out looking at houses yesterday, stopped for some more ant killer (!), and when we came home, found about 20 cows in our field/yard. This amused Robb a great deal and he went to get the camera. Then we let Sidney out because she is part border collie and loves to herd the cows. She is a little nervouse at first, because let's face it, they are a lot bigger than she is, but then she gets going and finds out....it's FUN.

It was not quite as amusing when we wanted to go to bed last night and Sid kept growling at them while they came up to the house and drank from the tadpole pond.

This morning, we let her out again at them, and she found a little calf, not a lot bigger than she is. She was not at all certain about what to do about this thing....until she got it to run....so she chased it!

A few minutes later, the owner came driving down on his ATV and herded them back into their side. So I guess that is the end of our cow chasing for the day.

Hmmm....we should have gone cow tipping last night!!!! That would officially make me a red-neck wouldn't it?


Courtney said...

okay, I'm starting to get worried about this whole ant thing...is Dora gonna get carried away? Will we?
Dora has been practicing her animal sounds for her trip to the farm...I think she may never stop barking like a dog when we get down there!
Is this the closest Robb's been to farm animals?

ness said...

Nah...turns out I made a mistake in my ant killing strategy....I was just killing them when they showed up. I should have let them go, eat the poison, and take it home to kill their whole little community. I will murder better in the future.

and about robb, nope again. His county in upstate NY had more cows than people. Also the highest teen pregnancy rate. I don't think those two facts are related, but you never know.

rjkpkec: Pepto Bismol in Iceland

Courtney said...

I certainly hope they aren't related facts but I've been reading alot of Rolling Stone lately so I'll believe anything anymore, global warming, Al Gore can think, et al....
I hope to find you an expert murderer when we arrive--I BELIEVE in you.

josh p said...

Wow. I always thought it would be nice to be reincarnated as a herding dog. Lucky sid, I miss your dog. (Maybe if I'm really really good...)

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